If you’re reading this… You’ve expressed interest in the simple process that's responsible for about $2 Million in online sales known as Group Juice.

It gave 100s of folks the clarity and know-how when it comes to building their own unique business online adding anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 to their bank accounts as affiliates, coaches, and content creators while removing the tedious tasks they hate in their business.

You can plug into this proven process and eliminate the guesswork of what you need to do in order to see more leads, more commissions, and more clients while adding predictable growth to your business as a whole

We’re going to skip the smoking mirrors for this one and lay out the red carpet Hollywood Style, not for movie stars, but for you as an Entrepreneur that sells products and services online.

Before we dive into the ingredients of the recipe that serves high ticket commission notifications and stripe pings every month faster than your monthly bills roll around, I need you to know a few things.

This process works across any industry regardless if you’re an affiliate, coach, or course creator and has allowed students with little to no experience to start making high ticket sales with a tiny audience.

And onto the question, you might be asking yourself – “Will this work for me too?”

Here’s A Snapshot Of Our Client Results:

  • Thadd & Demi – Who turned an Idea into an income – pulling in over $100,000 in less than 100 days of launching an offer we helped them put together with a combined audience of fewer than 5,000 people..
  • Kayton, Who took our beginner-friendly training and was able to turn it into a $16,000 consulting package by saving local businesses thousands of dollars..
  • Ashlee Heath – Who was able to make some minor tweaks inside her business & pull in over $10,000 profit in less than 46 days..
  • Jill Anne – She was able to take her group from less than 200 members to over 2,000 ideal clients in her community in less than 28 days while effortlessly closing multiple $1,000 sales and countless Mid ticket sales
  • Mark Scott – Went from wanting the be the full-blown affiliate – just recommending people to products to getting in the rooms with other huge entrepreneurs & was able to be one of the teachers inside a program that had a multi $100,000 launch
  • One who simply applied our offer creation secrets and smashed over 63 sales with a product of their own using our plug-and-play templates to generate a quick and easy $2,000 bucks
  • Countless clients have taken our “Group Juice” Process and built their own client getting FB groups with raving fans that love to buy from them causing them to pad their pockets with extra profits without twisting folks arms

There’s nothing online right now that comes close to what we’ve put together, we even have copy cats now that are attempting to mimic what we’ve done.

Not to mention other 6 and 7-figure marketers are just now starting to use the strategies we’ve been using the last 2 years to blow up our businesses and get 100s of folks the results they once struggled to get.

Now, this isn’t one of those “might work strategies” where we’re padding our pockets by simply getting you to buy in & make money from teaching you the thing..

We started deploying this in our business in early 2021 & have done over $750,000 personally because of it….and with a shit ton of different offers and products

All without:

  • Leveraging DM’s as cold as a kitten in a snowstorm.. 
  • Having a calendar full of “Strategy Sessions” 
  • A Big Team Or Over Complicated processes..

If you’re currently spending your valuable time on Facebook trying to grow your business using the old methods of FB organic marketing it’s probably safe to say that you are….

  • Burnt out on finding friends to add and talking to folks that have no desire to give you the time of day, much less buy from you

  • Posting to your dead group and the ghost town of a profile and getting crickets on that content that has your heart and soul attached to it only getting 1 like from your Aunt Sally in Georgia

  • Wasting time on freebie Freds and tire kickers that leave you on read in the DMs faster than your cousin Billy that owes you money from last summer

  • Unsure if you have your business optimized properly to take your audience through a smooth process of becoming a client in record time banking you $500-$5,000 per sale

We want to show you how to round up the action takers that you are actually happy to work with and have them come to you with money in hand to pay you and implement what you teach them.

Resulting in you not only increasing the quality and size of your audience but inadvertently giving you a fatter wallet while achieving those time freedoms most of us started this entire journey for in the first place.

You’ll have the exact process to pretty much create income on Demand, it’s literally the closest thing I’ve seen to printing money but this is totally legal.

The best part about this is you’ll have every money-making pillar in place so that your business becomes a social media ATM with unlimited cash flow. (No pin code needed)

Now I know what you’re thinking….

“This just sounds too good to be true”

Let’s break down the most valuable part of our proven road map to creating your own cash online..

Not 1, But 2 Ex-Blue Collar turned multi-6 figure business owners will be handing you the recipe for 5 figure months while whipping up the profit process so you can easily deploy it

Real quick I must cover who this is not for, If you’re a person that:

  • Complains about no results and never does the work
  • Looks for the easy route in everything you do
  • Expects coaches to babysit you on the tasks at hand
  • Doesn’t take action on implementing the plan
  • Is not willing to actually deploy the info laid out

This is NOT for you and Please DO NOT keep reading

If you’re on this line of text that means you’re dead serious about creating cash flow that’s predictable and head into 2023 high-stepping to profit land so you can either 

  1. Add some extra income to your checking account
  2. Write your 2-week notice with sarcasm and confidence

What You Will Be Getting When You Decide To Sip On Some Of “The Juice Today”

Group Juice For Rapidly Growing & Monetizing A Community Of Your Own while being yourself creating simple ass Content you Enjoy

  •  Day 1: Structuring your business, creating your group hub, getting all of the traffic into your community & ecosystem covering the 30,000 ft overview so you can optimize to monetize (Value = $500)

  • ​ Day 2 – Laying out the high details on how you can easily and effectively create a huge Omnipresence without hiring a team or spending all day on Content so you can get your brand seen by 1,000s of folks every day to create massive sales opportunities (Value = $399)

  • ​​Day 3 – How to create highly engaging short-form content that grabs the attention of your ideal clients on multiple platforms and causes them to take fast action by jumping into your group where the Sale happens (Value = $500)

  • ​​Day 4 – Deploying nurture mode with a 7 day Secret Sauce Sequence to build the Know, Like and Trust factor so you quickly become the person they want to buy from and work within record time. (Value = $500)

  • ​​Bonus Training – Offer Creation Masterclass With Flip Moss Revealing How To Craft Offers Of Your Own That’ll Have Your Prospects Lining Up Ready To Buy (Value = $1,497)

  • ​​Bonus Training – The “Always New” strategy that’ll allow you to make minor tweaks in the way you’re selling to pull in quick cash flow EACH & EVERY month. (Value = $1,497)
Plus These Nifty Bonuses..
  • Access To A Private Facebook Group Exclusive To Students Of Group Juice with weekly coaching calls (Value = $2,000)

  • ​​Exact sales script responsible for over $500,000+ in closed sales so you know exactly how to set the scene on your sales calls and messenger convos to be in full control from start to close (Value = $500)

  • Group Juice Input tracker to make sure you’re hitting all the tasks to put High Ticket sales in your pocket while being organized AF (Value = $197)

  • ​​Video Content ideas and Frameworks to give you the best chance of going Viral to produce massive traffic to your group and offers (Value = $299)

  • We’ll literally pull out any other resources inside our personal vaults to arm you with new strategies so you never run out of ways to monetize your audience (Value = $397)

  • ​​Lifetime Weekly Coaching Calls & A Catalog of calls where we’ve covered everything from content creation, running promos, closing sales & Making more by doing less (Value = $2,000)

  • ​​The Option to be an affiliate (Paying 50% Commissions to you) even when the price goes up to $1k and beyond (Value = $1,000)

Complimentary Access To Juice Box Our 5-Day Virtual Event That Will Show You The Fastest Way To Optimize & Monetize Your Social Media!

  • Day 1 – Uncovering The 6-Figure Business Hidden Right Inside Your Social Media Profile & Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Success Online. (Value = $250)

  • ​Day 2 – Over The Shoulder Business Optimization – The Key To Having A Wildly Profitable Yet Simple Online Business (Value = $197)

  • ​Day 3 – The Types Of Short Form Video Content You Need To Be Creating To Facilitate Rapid Growth & Allow You To Attract More People that Want What You’re Selling. (Value = $500 – Based on those that have gone through the training)

  • ​Day 4 – The Types Of Long Form Content You Need To Be Creating To Take Complete Strangers To Pay Clients In The Shortest Amount Of Time. We break down a post that has made $1,000s and examples that’s produced 6 figures. (Value = $997)

  • ​Day 5 – Putting It All Together – How To Regularly Turn Your Free Social Media Content Into More Sales Opportunities Than You Know What To Do With (Value = $397)

Complimentary Access To Our More Money Multiplier The Secrets Behind Multi-5 Figure Launches With EVERY OFFER We’ve Ran

  • ​​Demi Thomas & Thaddeus Levin – Breaking down their content & conversations code that allowed them to pull in a quick $34,000 in less than 45 days.

  • ​Colleen Kendall – Redesign Your Mind With Colleen – Bringing 20+ years of experience into the digital world & how to get out of your own way on your path to success online.

  • ​Flip Moss & Nate Ryan – Dived deep into offer creation strategies Revealing the exact offer creation framework we’ve used to do over $250,000 in 7 months with products ranging from $50-$5,000 without calls, an army of closers or rats’ nest of a business.

  • Offer Creation Masterclass With Flip Moss Revealing How To Craft Offers Of Your Own That’ll Have Your Prospects Lining Up Ready To Buy (Value = $500)

  • ​​The “Always New” strategy that’ll allow you to make minor tweaks in the way you’re selling to pull in quick cash flow EACH & EVERY month. (Value = $500)

We’ve regularly been told that we’re not charging enough for this

As the rapid client success & has since crept up on that one-year mark of being live & having a pool of clients who’ve done over $700,000+ in their own businesses since launching..

You can now lock in a spot for everything listed above for a 

Single Payment Of $1,500 or a down payment of $224 & lock in lifetime access to everything inside now..

First to grab the discount will receive a bonus 

Follow these steps to claim bonus:

1. Email me HERE

2. Once I have confirmed your purchase, you will receive your bonus

Unsure? Check out the free workshop HERE

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