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How To Have A Wildly Profitable & Simple Business Online That Consists Of

Content Creation & Communities!

The Simple Process 2 Regular Blue Collar Working Dudes Used To Build a $1M+ Business In Less Than 2 Years.

And Have A Pool Of Students Who've Done

2x That..

All Leveraging Simple

Content Ceation & Communties

  • Community Collective
  • Exclusives
  • Client Interview Series
  • 5 Figs In 5 Steps 
  • Ingredients To A Profitable Community
  • The Million Dollar Model 
  • Community Conversion System
  • $10k Per Month Plan
  • And More.. 

What's Inside The Community Collective

Community Collective Exclusives

  • Your $0-$100k Roadmap – How to turn a community of your own into a 6-figure business
  • Anti Viral Growth Strategy – How you can flood your community with the RIGHT type of folks that actually want to buy your products or services online 
  • Zoomless Sales Codex – How you can consistently close $1k-$10k deals without having to sit on zoom or do ANY types of cold outreach 

Client Interview Series

  • Real Case Studies – From dozens of fellow students who’ve taken the strategy revealed inside to add $10k’s & $100k’s into their own businesses by following a simple 4 step framework

5 Figs In 5 Steps

  •  Your $10k Profit Plan – The simplest and most efficent way to earn your first or next $10k+ profit online, whether you’re brand new or already have an online business all without complex tech, fancy funnels or systems. 

Ingredients To A Profitable Community

  • Your Community Calendar – How to create it, where to create one, what to put inside of it so you can regularly convert sales from it (The same one we used to produce a $11.6k day from a group of 43 people) 

The Million Dollar Model 

  •  Your Simple Business Model – The 4 phased approached we’ve been refining since 2021, that’s allowed us to build a 7-figure business & the folks we’ve helped deploy it have done 2x that in tracked sales because of their communities 

Community Conversion System

  • Your Client Creating Community – How to design your own unique business so you can have a streamlined process of generating leads, building relationships & converting clients in the quickest amount of time possible. 

$10k Per Month Plan

  • Your 5-Fig Month Roadmap –  The ONLY things you need to be doing in business on a regular business if you want to consistently cross $10k+ per month. From how to structure your business, create content, generate leads, launch offers & convert sales in the DM’s. 

And More.. 

  • The things above are what’s in the COMMUNITY RIGHT NOW, and doesn’t include any of the furture content we’re posting, tactics we’re revealing, additional bonuses we give away or the complimentary paid products we grant access to by simply being an active member of the community 
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